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Case for preliminary hearing in the Beijing Second Intermediate Court said that evidence, the wife of Huang Guangyu rhododendrons and former chairman Xu Zhongmin Zhongguancun companies also appear together, which is Huang Guangyu in custody appeared in court the first time.

Reporter from the Second Division hospital stakeholders understand that this Court will place the court in the third, as only a preliminary hearing said that card, so not open to the media. It is understood that, because too much evidence, evidence is expected to show a one-day preliminary hearing.

Chang Yu-cheng
Dacheng Law Firm, said in an interview, said evidence before court system means that the case before trial, prosecution and defense to exchange all the evidence, to confirm the evidence without objection. Trial, the parties dispute only the evidence there is cross-examination, "Huang Guangyu case because the case is complex, the evidence and numerous pre-trial prosecution and the defense to show evidence, help to improve the efficiency of trying cases."

February 12 this year, the Beijing Municipal Procuratorate Second Branch of the Beijing Second Intermediate Court to the prosecution, the prosecution alleged illegal business Huang Guangyu, insider trading and units of bribery. The case scheduled a formal hearing on April 2, but were repeatedly extended, with pre-trial evidence showing the time is dragging its feet.

According to informed sources, at present the evidence the prosecution produced mainly around the three counts alleged Huang Guangyu technical evidence and transcripts, referees and other instruments, including the suspect's confession, the testimony of witnesses, inquired about the transcripts, detection authorities for the transfer of the account, turnover and related transaction records and the original bills, judgments instruments.

Huang Guangyu
case after a news late this month in a formal trial, and this, the second in hospital official said, the current trial date not yet finalized. For a reporter asked whether the public hearing to allow media attendance, the source said, Huang Guangyu case to public hearing, to the time the media can apply for the position gallery attendance. However, insiders believe that the case has been in a highly confidential Huang Guangyu stage, public trial is unlikely.


Huang Guangyu indicted three charges

Insider trading:

Huang Guangyu of listed companies in Zhongguancun, the process, use hands to inside information, together with the company's former chairman and Xu Zhongmin Zhongguancun, who opened accounts in more than 80 stocks. After Huang's wife is responsible for directing Trader Rhododendron, accumulated more than 100 million shares to buy shares in Zhongguancun, the turnover of more than 1.3 billion.

Illegal offense:

Huang Guangyu the stock capital by Hong Kong tycoon with ultra-underground banks, circulation in Hong Kong, Mainland China, since 2007, Huang Guangyu has 1 billion yuan into Hong Kong dollars leave the country, with more than 2 billion Hong Kong dollars into renminbi exchange entry.

Unit of the crime of bribery:

Wong Kwong-controlled companies to the five officials of the public security system and tax system, offered bribes totaling 4.56 million yuan
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Huang Guangyu Said Evidence Before Court Appearance Hearing Is Not Yet Determined - Huang Guangyu

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Huang Guangyu Said Evidence Before Court Appearance Hearing Is Not Yet Determined - Huang Guangyu

This article was published on 2011/01/19